Service USB manual

Service USB Interfaces


The name SERVICE is an amalgam of "serial variable interface." It is a line of universal interfaces with digital inputs, digital outputs as well as analog inputs and one RS232 serial connector. The interfaces can be connected in cascade to get more in- and outputs. Depending on the model it is best used for controlling fischertechnik -construction-kits, motors, lamps, relays, solenoids push-buttons switches and serial devices like receipt- or barcode printers. The difference between all three designs is shown in the table below:

Product Service USB plus Service USB classic Service USB core Service USB RS232
Digital inputs



8 4 1
Digital outputs

8x 12V/1,3A


8x 9V/0,2A 4 1
Analog inputs





0 0
RS232 1 1 0 1
Power supply built in 115/230V external plug 115/230V from USB from USB
Housing Aluminium Plastics open frame Sub D 25 connector
Intended use Complete box for professionals fischertechnik® Base for self developed electronics

USB/RS232 converter Receipt printer

Service USB series                  *Additional In- and Outputs with a few constraints

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