Electronic development

The following items show a selection of the services we render in the field of electronic developments.


Manufacture of electronic circuits

We develop electronic circuits according to your specifications both in the digital and analogue fields. These can be prototypes or one-offs, specially created for you, or products ready for serial production. This comprises planning, calculation, implementation and documentation through to testing according to European or national standards.

The order begins with a talk to clarify the specifications. You can compile these specifications yourself of leave it to us. The cost of compilation is completely deducted from the order price.

We are your partner for all digital electronics, analogue electronics with direct current up to approx. 100 MHz as well as high-performance electronics up to approx. 5 kV / 10 kW, medical measuring equipment for non-life supporting systems, micro-controller and robot controls as well as wired technology (DIL) and also surface mounted devices (SMD).

In addition to developing the electronics, we offer mechanical processing and installation of the electronic circuit in a housing. Various housing materials, such as plastics or metal with various types of protection up to IP67 (DIN 40050) are possible.

Service USB plus Platine


Production of prototypes and small series

Prototypes and small series of electronic devices can be produced quickly and cheaply in our company's own workshop. This includes both electronic circuits and mechanical processing of housings and front plates.

BKOHG Production

Compilation of the entire documentation

For your circuits and devices you can also be given, in addition to the operating manual, complete circuit and design plans, component and part lists, sources, price calculation for serial production, production and test regulations as well as the source codes for of the programming (Assembler, high languages, GAL-Listing, etc.)


Shortest possible development times

We are able to deal quickly with your requirements with our well equipped laboratory which, alongside a great number of measuring devices and development tools, also has a comprehensive store of standard electronic and mechanical components. Mechanical processing in our own workshop and front plate design can often be completed within a few working days.

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