Multimedia productions

The following items show the services that we offer in the area of multimedia developments and our current own productions


Virtual Berlin

This CD-ROM for Apple(®) Macintosh and Microsoft(®) Windows was created in co-operation with Century, Berlin. It is based on the technology QuickTime VR and was programmed in Macromedia Director. A total in excess of 7200 photos of Berlin sights were taken to make this CD. The pictures were transferred to Kodak Photo CD in the laboratory and merged to 360-degree panoramas using special software.

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Commissioned programming in Macromedia Director

We take on all kinds of Director programming on Apple Macintosh and under Windows.


Planning, programming and implementation

We implement for you complete multimedia projects including planning, programming, design, audio compilation, instructions and documentation.


Virtual Elysée

Virtual Elysée is a commissioned development for Elysée Hotels in Hamburg. The planning and production were implemented as a joint project with BSD-Creativ Agency, Hamburg. The programming of the hybrid CD was made under Director on Apple Macintosh.