Welcome to our news page. Here you will find information about our products and the latest software releases.



10.11.2014 Service USB driver update for OSX 10.10-10.12

The new driver fixes the bug, where the Firmware was not loader after restart. The driver for OSX 10.10-10.12 Sierra can be downloaded here


22.06.2014 Service USB driver update for OSX 10.9

Under rare circumstances there was a message that SERVICEUSBClassicSeize.kext could not be loaded. The new installer did not install kernel-extensions any more.


04.11.2013 Service USB driver works on Mavericks (OSX 10.9)

The actual basic driver is tested on OSX 10.9 (Mavericks) and works.

29.08.2012 Service USB driver updated for OSX 10.8

The actual basic driver for OSX 10.5-10.9 can be downloaded here.


04.08.2011 RealBasic samples for the SERVICE USB interfaces are reworked for OSX 10.7

Renewed sample code for  RealStudio 2011 and OSX 10.7 can be downloaded here. The Service USB series supports RealBasic 2008 up to 2011.


22.07.2011 Service USB Driver version 2.1.2 Beta available for OSX 10.7 Lion

Except three minor issues, this beta driver will work fine for most of our customers using Lion. It is a 64 bit version and can be downloaded here.


01.09.2009 Service USB Driver version 2.0.8 available for OSX 10.6

The last kext is removed which was only used in classic environment. Driver works with OSX 10.3-10.6


16.07.2009 Cash drawer with shorter physical dimensions added to product line

In addition to the standard cash drawer there is a new drawer with shorter depth available. With its depth of 28 cm it is nearly as half as long as the standard drawer. The bank notes are stored upright.


14.07.2009 Cash drawer electronic is available as a separate product

The opening electronic for cash drawers is now available as external box. It is made for usual cash drawers.


18.05.2009 Service USB Driver version 2.0.7 available

Functions for linear motors with encoders are added to this free update.


23.02.2009 New sample for Director 11 and receipt printer avaiable

There is a new sample available in Software Download for Adobe Director 11 and the receipt printer. One instruction is added to the Xtra to encode UTF-8 characters an print them fast out of Service USB receipt.


14.01.2009 New sample for Numbers09 and ServiceUSB avaiable

A sample for ServiceUSB, Numbers und AppleScript was added to Software Download. The sample reads continuously values from two analog ports of ServiceUSB, put them into the spreadsheet and display the values as line diagram.


30.10.2008 relaunch

If you can read this, everything works fine with the new site. If you find errors or broken link, please send us an  email. Thanks...


10/12/2006 Service USB Terminal rectified

The RS232-Terminalprogram ServiceUSBTerminal, part of the Xcode-Folder, is rectified in many details. Download the software here.


08/01/2006 Service USB goes Universal Binary

Mac UniversalThe Service USB Driver is universal binary and supports both Power PC- and Intel-based Macintosh computers. Download the software here.


31.01.2006 Industry Robots II

The new Industry Robots II Construction Kit from fischertechnik is ready to use with Service USB.


12/06/2005 Service USB and Runtime Revolution

The Service USB Interfaces works now with Runtime Revolution's Revolution. Download the examples here.


11/02/2005 New Product "Service USB plus" avaliable

Service USB plus is a robust USB-interface with eight digital inputs, eight digital outputs and two analog inputs. It is housed in a metal case, has a wide-range build-in power supply and is best used in laboratories, fairs and for industrial purposes. The scope of delivery includes a lot of Software, so that you can use the Interface of nearly every Macintosh-Program.


12/15/2004 Service USB and Filemaker 7

The Service USB Interface works now with Filemaker 7. Download the examples here.


12/12/2004 USB-cash drawers and Filemaker 7

There are software examples for the USB-cash drawer and the Slip Receipt Printer controlled by Filemaker 7. Download the examples here.


10/27/2004 New address

We have a new address:

Bönig und Kallenbach oHG
Lindemannstr. 25
44137 Dortmund


01/22/2004 New Software for the USB cash drawer

There is a new software for the USB cash drawer available. Download the software here.


12/15/2003 Service USB - Support for LabView and Java

You can use Service USB now also as virtual instrument with LabView 7 and in the Java development environment. Examples and libraries are written by Linus Pithan. Download the software here.


12/01/2003 Service USB EEPROM Updater

Older Service USB, witch was purchased before September 2003, must be updated with the Service USB EEPROM Updater before they are ready to use with MacOS X 10.3 (Panther). Download the updater here.


10/14/2003 - Stepping motor example

There is a software example to control one or many stepping motors with Service USB with MacOS 9 and MacOS X. Download it on the corresponding download page. These examples are written in RealBasic.


06/27/2003 - MacExpo is over

The MacExpo in Cologne was a great success. We thank all visitors of our exhibition booth for your attendance. Thanks to Volker Ritzhaupt and his team from ASH for all the hard work and the great promotion.


06/23/2003 - MacExpo in Cologne

Meet us at the MacExpo in Cologne. At the booth from ASH (600) we will show you all our products.


06/20/2003 - Bionic Construction Kit

The new Bionic Construction Kit from fischertechnik is ready to use with Service USB.


04/30/2003 - New Service USB Software

Service USB, the universal interface with eight digital inputs and
outputs as well as two analogue inputs developed by Bönig und Kallenbach oHG, now has even more to offer.

Version 1.1, which was just released in April 2003, now also supports
the 4th Dimension database system, Macromedia Director MX and Max/MSP. Download the new software for free here.