Service USB RS232

Owners of other interfaces than Service USB RS232 can neglect the following chapter.

Service USB RS232



Service USB RS232 is reduced to the smallest possible size and is housed inside the Sub D25 connector. As opposed to ordinary USB/ RS232 converters an abundant supply of software is part of our complete package.

Thus Service USB RS232 can be used by almost every program. Programs, which never have known a serial port, like FileMaker, 4th Dimension or AppleScript can control the RS232 port.

Service USB RS232 is mainly used for controlling receipt printers from either 4th Dimension or FileMaker.


System requirements

A Macintosh with USB and OSX 10.5 to 10.8 is required to operate Service USB RS232. Up to 100 Service USB RS232 can be controlled by one Macintosh.


Scope of delivery

  • Service USB RS232 (the USB/RS232 adapter cable)
  • CD-ROM with driver and a lot of sample programs
  • OSX-Examples for Runtime Revolution, RealBasic, Apple-Script, FileMaker, RagTime, Xcode (C, C++, Objective-C, Cocoa, Java, AppleScriptStudio), 4th Dimension, MaxMSP, Adobe Director, BlueJ, Scratch, TCP/IP, Numbers and the UNIX-Shell.
  • Extra sample code for 4thDimension, FileMaker and XCode

Furthermore you will find a detailed instruction manual and Quicktime-Films from fischertechnik-models.


Recommended accessories

The receipt printer Samsung/Bixolon SRP350 and Epson TM88 are very fast and are able to print a receipt in less than one second without annoying dialogues or the loop via printcenter. In addition there is a bar code label printer and some other accessories like cash drawers and barcode scanners available from our company.


Hardware description

Service USB RS232 looks like a normal computer cable with an USB-connector on one end and a male Sub D25 connector on the other. The converter electronic is housed inside the Sub D25 connector and is powered directly from USB.

Service USB RS232

  • Pin2 RS (Input, receive data)
  • Pin3 TX (Output, send data)
  • Pin6 HSKo (Output, Service USB RS232 ready to receive)
  • Pin7 GND
  • Pin20 HSKi (Input, remote station ready to receive)


Technical information


  • Cable length: 1.30m
  • Weight: 136g
  • RS232: Sub D 25 male connector, metal case with UNC 4-40 screws
  • Data transfer: USB full speed (12Mb/s)
  • USB current consumption 100mA
  • RS232 speed: 300-19200 Baud, full duplex
  • Data bits: 8
  • Start bits: 1
  • Stop bits: 1
  • Parity: none
  • Output level: ± 9V
  • Input level: < -3V; >+3V


Schematic diagrams

Service USB RS232

Block diagram of Service USB RS232


Service USB RS232

Schematic diagram of Service USB RS232