References and Projects

Here you can find a selection of the projects we have already successfully implemented for our customers. (date August 2010)

To have a better selection, they are segmented in the following categories:

Elektronic developments

Database developments

Apple Macintosh accessory developments

Visual arts- and multimedia developments

Miscellaneous services and programming

Cooperation partners


Press review




Electronic developments


Universitätsklinikum Marburg (University Clinic)

Realisation of a highly sensitive sensor unit and programming of a database for controlling the measurement design for determining the cortisone compatibility of people with fresh kidney transplants at the clinic of Philipps University, Marburg.



Videoconverter for a medical ultasonic apparatus from Siemens as a project for Medys. It includes an USB foot switch and the alteration of a FireFire DV-converter to accept black and white signals. This is done by adding a color-burst to the b/w signal to kid the DV-converter.


Institute of Ergonomics on Darmstadt University of Technology, Professor Landau

Construction of a highly sensitive, fast compensating and electrically isolated ECG amplifier. The cardiogram conduction is made from the finger tips. The electrodes are built in a car steering wheel, thus there are no cables needed between the amplifier and the test person.



Contstruction of radio transmitters and receivers in the ISM-Band for controlling an information system inside a motor-bus. Sample programs for AppleScript and RealBasic are added for playing QuickTime Films depending on the incoming radio signals.


Johnson, Light Dome

Construction of a modular control and exposition unit for digitizing films. A monochrome camera scans the film, which is illuminated in red, green, blue and infrared by turn. A stepper motor works for exact film transport. Sample code in XCode and Cocoa was included.


Westfalenhalle Dortmund

Modernisation of the display electronics and the timing system of the Helmut-Körnig-Hall for Westfalenhallen Dortmund. Programming of the administration software for athletics events.


Orenstein und Koppel AG, Dortmund

Development of a prototype ready for serial production of the onboard computer of MH-City range of diggers and development of an onboard computer for the hydraulic pump control of the PMS range of diggers of Orenstein und Koppel AG.


Brain Store, Dinslaken

Production of a small series of VidBox a video and multimedia switch for application in the cash till area of modern multiplex cinemas.


IME-Jahnke, Aitrang

Manufacture of the small series of C 300 decoders, a medical measuring device for decoder dermography.


Ehlebracht Medizische Geräte, Bremen (Medical Equipment)

Development and manufacture of the small series of Sethis III, a medical measuring device for bio-electronic functional diagnostics (BFD), as well as development of decoder C 300, a medical measuring device for decoder dermography of Ehlebracht Medical Equipment, Bremen.


MKT Moderne Kopiertechnik, Dortmund (Copying Equipment)

Creation of an error reporting system for large volume copying machines for transmitting error data to the central evaluation unit.


Zuckerfabrik Soest (Sugar factory)

Development of the triggering and evaluation unit of 50 t scales with remote data transfer to the main computer and Weights and Measures Office acceptance of the report printer.





Database developments


Friedhelm Merz Verlag KG, Bonn

Programming and design of the master database for administering the International Game Days of the trade Messe Spiel XX in Essen as well as the administration and invoicing of printed material and administration of subscribers to the same.


Gülde Kaltwalzwerk, Kamen (cold rolling mill)

Programming of the quality management system QM Trimension of Gülde GmbH & Co. KG for administration of testing means, complaints, material tests and audit reports for supporting certification to DIN ISO 9000ff.


Institut für Berufliche Bildung, Buxtehude

Programming of the master database Education Trimension for administering the 25 branches of Institut für Berufliche Bildung, the courses, students and teachers and data transfer to the headquarters and linking to electronic banking and accounts software. Complete teacher accounts in co-operation with MacStupas, the scheduling program by Nili-Software, Werl.


WFP Werbeagentur Felske and Partner, Mönchengladbach (advertising agency)

Creation of the database system Media-Trimension for invoicing the daily newspaper business of allkauf group.


Mabeg KG, Soest

Design and implementation of a combined measuring and filling unit for paints and varnishes with integrated database system for Mabeg KG, Soest.


Kollenbroich Industriesoftware, Dormagen (Industrial Software)

Development of a transient recorder for width recording of industrial threads in high speed looms of Bayer AG.





Apple Macintosh accessory developments


Apple Computer GmbH, Munich

Development and small series production of MacSelector, a processor controlled 5-channel switch for sound, Macintosh video and AppleDesktopBus for use in large screen installations for trade fair operation for Apple Germany.


Pekingstone (Germany) GmbH

Development of the electronics for the serial products iDock and mini iDock, USB-serial converter for Macintosh computers from the manufacturer Apple Computer on commission by Pekingstone (Germany) GmbH.


Pole Position Software GmbH, Neunkirchen am Brand

Development, manufacture and serial production of MacDCF77, the radio-controlled clock for the keyboard bus ADB from Apple Macintosh.


CasioToMac, the link for Casio Digital Diaries to Macintosh

CasioToMac was the interface for connecting the Digital Diaries of CasioSF7000, SF7500, SF8000, SF9000 and compatible digital diaries to a Macintosh. CasioToMac gave you the possibility of exchanging data between a Macintosh and a Casio Digital Diary. The software made it possible to import and export data to and from other Macintosh programs via "TEXT" documents.


Rolleivision, control of the Rollei Twin Digital slide projectors.

The slide projector was connected to a serial port of the Apple Macintosh via an interface. A HyperCard stack made it possible to control all basic functions of the projector, such as forwards, back, superimpose etc. On further cards it was possible to compile complete procedure plans and send them as programs to the projector.





Visual arts- and multimedia developments


Paul Perry, footloose performer

Planning and help by the realisation of the object of art, named "Moonwatcher". This is a synthesized person which is as big as a real person. The Moonwatcher is turning slowly around two axles while showing to the moon position with his arm and finger.


Academy of Media Arts, Cologne

Development of the inner life of a object of art. Inside a small cube of 3cm diameter, a battery, a microphone, a vibration unit, a light and a control electronics is housed. If the environment is quiet, the cube vibrate gently and the light will swell up and down. If there is some noise, the cube is frightened and will be quit for some seconds.


cebra Kommunikation und Design, Wolfsburg

Creation of special electronics for measuring lap times and number of laps of a Carrera track under Macromedia Director on Apple-Macintosh within the framework of a measuring installation of cebra for VW AG at Geneva Salon.


cebra Kommunikation und Design, Wolfsburg

Creation of special electronics and a multimedia application for procedure control on the trade fair stand "Virtual Test Drive" on Apple-Macintosh within the scope of a trade fair installation of cebra for VW AG at the IAA. Among other things, several installed radio cameras were controlled in model Golf IV cars, large plasmatron screens, lap time recording, cyber headsets and navigation buttons for the organisers.


cebra Kommunikation und Design, Wolfsburg

Creation of control electronics for the trade fair stand "Global Service Event" within the scope of a trade fair installation by cebra for VW AG at Automechanika in Frankfurt.


Elyseé Hotel, Hamburg

Development of the multimedia CD "Virtual Elyseé", an interactive prospectus based on Apple's QuickTimeVR technology on Elyseé Hotel in Rothenbaumchaussee.


Hunger und Durst, Hamburg

Development of the multimedia CD "Hunger und Durst (Hunger and Thirst)", an interactive gastronomy guide based on Apple's QuickTimeVR technology on Hamburg commissioned by BSD Creativ Agentur.


Kunsthochschule für Medien, Cologne (Art College for Media)

Development of a serial interface for Silicon Graphics Workstations in multimedia installations of Kunsthochschule für Medien (Art College for Media).


Stahl Media Design, Cologne - Oslo

Development of a multi-channel interface for triggering the cyber-sex installation of the multimedia action artist Stahl Stenslie from Norway.





Miscellaneous services and programming


Synchronica, load test

Involved in processing the load test of a SYNC ML server, which is a development of Synchronica. Accurate Determination of the maximal possible users and calculation of scalability. In depth documentation for use as guaranteed product attribute.


Apple Computer GmbH, Munich

Creation of the service documents and maintenance instructions for 100,000 copies of maintenance of Apple LaserWriter and LaserWriterPro series for Apple Germany.


Gülde Kaltwalzwerk, Kettenwerke Wickede/Ruhr (chains), R. Hillebrand Oberflächentechnik (surface technology)

Implementation and administration of the internet presentations of the companies Gülde GmbH & Co. KG, Kettenwerke Wickede Ruhr and Rudolf Hillebrand GmbH & Co. KG.


Schulen ans Netz e.V., Hamburg (Schools onto the Net)

Lecture and workshop on the topic of "Apple in School" commissioned by Apple Computer at SaN - specialist conference in Darmstadt, which was in part held as a video conference simultaneously in 6 cities.





Cooperation partners

4D Deutschland, Neufahrn

Apple Computer, München

EBV Electronics, Poing

Fachverband Elektronik Design (FED), Berlin

Kunsthochschule für Medien, Köln

MacGadget, Bamberg

MacNews, Berlin

MacTechnews, Mainz

Mediadesign Vollmer, Dortmund

Medienwerkstatt Mühlacker, Mühlacker

PEKINGSTONE (Deutschland) GmbH, Hamburg

Pole Position Software, Neunkrichen am Brand, Waldenbuch

Sasco Semiconductor, Putzbrunn

Synchronica, Berlin