Service USB drawer - the USB-cash drawer

Service USB drawer - We offer the following cash drawer for the USB connection to the Apple Macintosh

Service USB drawerThe cash drawer consists of a standard bottom box with cash drawer. It was modified by us so that it can be connected to the Apple Macintosh and comes with sample control programs.

The bottom compartment contains a drawer with a removable cash tray. At the back of the cash tray are four compartments where notes can be stored flat and are held in place by a holding device. The width of the note compartments can be adjusted to fit the respective notes by moving the dividers. There is a removable tray for coins with eight compartments at the front of cash tray. The width of the coin compartments can be adjusted by repositioning the dividers. Cheques and other documents can be stored under the coin tray.

The cash drawer opens by electromagnet. It can also be opened manually however, using a key. A micro switch sends a message to Macintosh drawer "open" or "closed".

The cash drawer has a USB connection which supplies its power. The maximum current consumption is 100mA so that connection is possible via the keyboard hub.


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Service USB drawerSoftware

The cash drawer can be controlled using Runtime Revolution, AppleScript, FileMaker, Ragtime, Macromedia Director, RealBasic, Code-Warrior and 4th Dimension.

Sample control methods are included and can also be downloaded. The driver and software are the same as that for Service USB.

The Service USB Driver is universal binary and supports both Power PC- and Intel-based Macintosh computers.







Technical information

Service USB drawer

  • Dimension excluding USB cable:
    9.8cm x 40.5cm x 42cm (height x width x depth)
    6cm should be added to the depth for the USB connection.
  • Weight: approx. 6kg excluding coins
  • Length of enclosed USB cable: 1.50 m
  • Colour: black (Since March 2008)
  • Package contents:
    Cash drawer, CD with control help, USB cable.
  • Price:
    229,00 EUR incl. VAT plus postage.
    192,44 EUR outside EU or with EU- VAT Number.


Service USB drawer