Service USB series

You can extend your database-programming to a complete POS-System with the Service USB series.

Service USB drawer - the USB-cash drawer
Service USB drawer

The cash drawer consists of a standard bottom box with cash drawer. It was modified by us so that it can be connected to the Apple Macintosh.o external power supply or printer is necessary to trigger the cash drawer. Simply connect it to USB and use it of OS9 or OSX. FileMaker, 4th Dimension and a lot of other programs are supported.

More information here: Service USB drawer

Service USB receipt - the USB-receipt printer

Service USB receipt

This is a quiet thermal receipt printer, which is able to print a receipt in less than one second without annoying dialogues or the loop via printcenter.

More information here: Service USB receipt

Service USB RS232 - the USB/seriell-converter

Service USB RS232

The converter can be used to send serial characters of Runtime Revolution, 4th Dimension, FileMaker, RealBasic, AppleScript, Ragtime, Xcode C/C++, Cocoa, Java, CodeWarrior Carbon, MaxMSP, LabView and DirectorMX.

It is included in scople of delivery of the receipt printer and barcode printer. You can buy it separately if you have already a printer or other serial stuff.

More information here Service USB RS232

Service USB scanner - the USB-barcode-laser scanner

Service USB scanner

It is able to scan multiple barcode types and works like a keyboard. A prefix and postfix sequence can give Instructions to your programm.

More information here: Service USB scanner

Service USB barcode - the USB-barcode-printer

Service USB barcode

This label printer can be used to print adhesive labels. One barcode and two lines of Text (2x20 characters) can be placed on a 19mm x 51mm (0,75inch x 2inch) adhesive label.

More information here: Service USB barcode